Red WigWam are Now Offering Public Sector Jobs

Red WigWam are now able to access over 80 public and private sector organisations across the UK in order to help provide temporary and interim works at all levels. This includes local government bodies, central government departments and agencies, the NHS, education institutions and social services.

Over 6 million Brits are employed in this area, and most public sector workers enjoy doing a job that is of benefit to the community.


Some of the biggest employers are in this area and roles can vary from general secretarial/administration, to more specialised roles such as counsellors, psychologists and statisticians.  There is also unique bodies set up by the government to cater for specific needs, such as environmental agencies.

We can help place roles in areas such as:

  • General administration.
  • Specialist administration such as legal, education, agricultural, medical and library.
  • Professional administration such as personal assistant and company secretary.

If you are interested in temporary and interim work in the public sector then contact with your CV and two years worth of references.

About us


Red WigWam is not like other temp recruitment agencies, and we’re revolutionising the way those who need temporary workers and those looking for temp jobs find each other.

Our online platform matches fully vetted and validated workers who have the right skills and time to flexible, part-time and temporary jobs.

Hirers simply post a job outlining what you’re looking for. Workers register and let us know what you are good at. Jobs are then matched on a first come first served basis based on location, time available and skills. Workers can then decide if they want to accept or reject a job.

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