3 Ways to get Visually Noticed at a Job Interview

Being a creative person who loves wearing bright and individual things, how I look in a job interview has always been important to me.

Now I am not talking about standing out like a sore thumb, this won’t do you any favours, but looking good in an interview is all about being subtle. I like to look smart but always have that little something that makes me visually memorable against the other candidates: When they are going over their final choices from the interviews, don’t you want them to remember who you were?

Below are three suggestions of things that I have found to be particularly successful in past job interviews, one more so than the other two (you’ll see when we come to it).

We will start from the top of the body going down:

The Hair


You can tell when someone has made an effort with their hair and I truly think it does make a difference. Personally if it’s a big interview I would probably get my hair dyed and cut (obviously this is a personal choice). However, I would definitely suggest the hair cut for everyone.

A new hair cut or trim shows you are taking this interview seriously and want to impress the people your meeting. It also brings most people some inner confidence, because you feel good about the way you look.

The Accessories


This is all about having a key item or two (with the right combination) that adds to your interview look. I have tried different things in the past, but the most popular seem to be a cool bag, unusual piece of jewellery or a funky brooch/pin. For guys I would suggest a subtle tie (interesting but not funny) or an interesting accessory (maybe like a pocket watch, interesting tie pin etc). A unique pair of glasses (be it style or colour) can also look good.

The accessory needs to be something that is seen reasonably quickly, to give it’s best effect. So I would suggest that item sits somewhere in the neck to bottom of torso area.

An example of something I have worn is a bracelet made of ring pulls. It looks cool and the items sold by The Phillipine Community Fund raise money for Filipino communities. I love supporting different charities and this bracelet has always been a conversation starter about something I am interested in. I also feel, once someone shows interest in something you like, you tend to feel a lot more relaxed with them, which is good for the interview scenario.

Accessories are good because you can wear different things depending on what you are wearing, your mood and what part of your personality you want to show off.

The Shoes


Finally, my favourite topic of all: Shoes. I’m a shoeaholic, proud of it and can honestly say, some of my shoes have helped me to get some of my previous work roles.

I have a lot of shoes because they are one of my treat items, however, I class them in two batches.
There are the general wear (trainers, flip flops, plain work shoes) and my special shoes (evening, interviews, glamorous and unusual). In this second collection, I have a range of beautiful shoes that have the wow factor.

The shoes I have stand out because they are not the run of the mill look you would find in most shoe shops. Due to this, some of my interviews have included half of it chatting about my shoes and then on to the real part afterwards. Once you have had a positive conversation about something i.e. same interest in shoes, you have already half won your audience over. All you need to do now is prove you can do the job, as the rapport is already there between you and the employer.

This can work for guys too. There is something very professional and stylish about a guy wearing for instance a smart pair of brogues, it shows they care about how they look at work and if they care about this, they obviously care about the work itself.

I hope this has made you think a bit about how important first impressions can be and that you can be a little bit individual on the day. So if you have some interviews on the horizon, look through your stuff, make some creative choices and dazzle those interviewees from head to toe.

Written by Nicola Smith


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