How to Stay Happy at Work

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Being happy in your place of work is the result of many different factors such as your colleagues, the commute, the salary, stress levels, and of course, the job itself.
We all know people that absolutely love what they do but simply cannot stand their boss or some people they work with. On the opposite end of the scale you will get those people who get on extremely well with their colleagues and boss, but hate their actual job or find it boring.

I’m not here to say that absolutely everyone can have the best of both worlds in these situations, nor am I going to say that you can improve every aspect of your job to achieve happiness all round. However, there are definitely ways to improve your happiness at work, so maybe try a few and see how much your mood lifts.

  1. Smile


Even if you’ve had the worst start to the morning, smile when you get into work. Smile at your boss, and your work friends, at customers. Basically at anyone who looks in your direction. When people smile back, and they will, you instantly feel that little bit better.

  1. Separate personal and work problems


Don’t bring your personal problems to the office. It’s bad news to mix personal life and work life anyway, so try your best to keep them separate and you lose the risk of a personal problem altering your state of mind in work. By personal problems I obviously mean petty dramas, not life changing situations! In which case, talking to a colleague may actually make you feel uplifted as you’re getting it off your chest.

Keeping personal life and work life separate goes both ways too. Don’t bring work home with you and let it ruin your time to yourself or with family and friends because you’ll end up resenting the fact that so much of your life is taken up by your job.

  1. Make work friends


I personally think this is of great importance. Imagine not making an effort with anybody you work with and missing out on work nights out or after work drinks. You’d feel pretty rubbish about your job if that happened.

Make an effort with those that you spend most of your working day with. Making friends at work, especially if you hit it off massively, can make the thought of going to work a little happier – because your friends will be there too. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy your job, not particularly enjoying it with people that make you laugh or who you have good conversations with makes it less rubbish.

  1. Set goals


If you know you have a lot to do in work, set yourself goals for when you want them to be done by. Or if you’re looking to climb the career ladder, set yourself goals to reach in order to make yourself known to those higher up. Each time you reach a goal you will feel good about yourself and happier about your work!

  1. Have a sense of worth


There’s nothing worse than feeling undervalued or unappreciated in what you do, so make your efforts known. It’s okay to expect a little credit or praise for doing a good job of a hard task. Similarly, if you feel you have much more to offer than what you’re able to do in your current role, make the change that’s needed for you to feel like you have a purpose in your work place. Otherwise you’re going to feel like just another number, doing the same old thing every day and getting no joy out of it.

Being happy at work is much easier than you might imagine.
Yes, we would all rather have a lie in in the morning, yes, we would all rather be somewhere else (like on a beach somewhere!) and yes, we all feel bogged down by the 9-5 routine occasionally. Ultimately though, your attitude towards going to work and your mind-set when you get there, are key to staying happy in your place of work.

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Written by Katy James


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