How to Spruce Up Your CV in January


The New Year has just begun. Some people make resolutions and think of ways to better their life. Instead I am saying spruce up that CV, so you can make a start on finding that new job you want.

It might not be the most exciting thing to do, but if it is sparkly and new, it might just entice some of those companies your interested in.

Below are a few suggestions of some things that could bring new life to your CV.



When did you last read your CV from start to finish? I’m sure many of you have done the usual tweaking and re-saving for different job roles, but have you checked that everything still makes sense and is relevant?

My suggestions would be to:

– Re-write your profile

– Look at your work history and take out old jobs/excess padding

– Update interests with things you currently do

– Make sure your reference details are still correct (maybe drop them a quick email to see how they are and to re-confirm details)



It is really important that your CV reflects not only the types of jobs that you are going for, but also the person you are. If you are applying for less formal jobs, this is a bit easier, as you can be more creative with your choices. However, even if it is more of a corporate or academic role, there are still things you can do.

Fonts: Why not muck around with some new fonts and see what takes your fancy. You want the text to be easily readable, yet something a little different. Depending how you do this, you can get away with more than one font if done in the right way (one font for headings and another for the main body of text), so see what you can come up with.   There is definitely something more exciting than Ariel and Times New Roman waiting to appear on your CV!

Sizing/Spacing/Layout: Once you have the font down, how about changing some of the spacing between the different sections, the overall layout and/or making those headings stand out a bit more. It is strange how just a few small adjustments can make your CV look so much better. If you need to be inspired, why not search “CV Templates” in Google and have a look at other suggestions already out there.

Colour/Images: So your CV is already starting to look great, but why not add a touch of colour. This will need to be subtle instead of wild, so we’re talking underlining titles, headings or possibly a border or a motif that makes your CV look a bit individual. Think about the overall look you want the CV to have and then try some stuff out. Save your CV before you muck around with this stage, as you don’t want to lose any of the work you have already done. Also remember, less is more.

Last and most importantly

Spelling and Grammar


It may seem so obvious, yet it could be the reason why your CV has not been winning people over.

Whether you are using Word or similar programs like Pages, always make sure you do a spelling and grammar check before you send your CV over. It is also worth getting a reliable member of your family or friend to have a read of it as well, as a little bit of positive criticism could make you change something small for the better.

I hope that has given you some food for thought and inspired you to revamp your CV. Sometimes with these things, all you need is a nudge in the right direction and who knows, next month, you could be heading to that all important interview you’ve been waiting for.

Written by Nicola Smith 


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