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Productivity is the bane of many lives, regardless of their employment status. When you’re in work, you struggle to be productive, when you’re out of work, it’s just gets worse.

I finished University seven months ago and I’m still technically unemployed. If you’ve just quit your job in hope of looking for bigger, better places, or you’re looking for work for any other reason, we’re in the same boat; let’s ride this wave (excuse the pun) together and tackle a few ways to keep productive.

Set yourself mini-goals

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Allocate a daily goal and figure out a way to reward yourself. Early on this was to do one job a day, putting everything into it, then rewarding myself by doing whatever I wanted for the rest of the day. It doesn’t sound like much, but you’re still getting a minimum of 5 jobs done a week (excluding weekends), so it does all add up.

Gradually increase this number and you’ll soon realise you’ve been applying for 15-20 a week for the past 4/5 months. Not only does this make you feel more productive, but it makes the free time you do have much sweeter, preparing you for the moment you get that job you want.

Listin’ aint easy


When I first joined the millions of other unemployed people, I was loving life; I could do what I want, when I want. Time to enjoy myself!

That lasted three days.

There’s only so long you can do the same inane tasks and sometimes you just need a bit of purpose in your life, so the job hunt began. Now, something you certainly won’t know about me as evidently, you don’t know me, I spent a year looking for work before University and if I’m perfectly honest, I was terrible. I spent far too long watching TV, Football, playing games, the list goes on. This time however, things have changed.

I’ve been listing things to do, no matter how meaningless they are, with ‘Unlock achievement on Xbox’ even making it in once. If it makes you feel like you have something to do, you’ll likely get it done. The key to this is putting the pointless task at the bottom and completing your list in order, and there’s nothing (there is, I lie) more satisfying than crossing off a list!

Get your priorities right


You don’t HAVE to watch Making a Murderer on Netflix, do you? (It’s good though, isn’t it?)

The fact is, we all do incredibly pointless things in life, the average person spends 9 years…sorry, that’s NINE WHOLE YEARS watching television in a lifetime. That’s not forgetting the average person is considered to have a job and not be at home most of the time, so if you’re at home, you’re obviously going to gravitate to the tele more often.

Take up a hobby, go for a walk, just do something you’d currently regard as just as pointless. There’s nothing wrong with watching TV or playing on games, just don’t do it all the time or you’ll be regretting it when it’s the only thing you’re physically able to do.

Keep positive & think about Social Media


Heard this one a few times, haven’t you?

Whatever your situation, it gets better. If you’re unemployed, you’ll get a job. If you’re freelance, you’ll get more clients/better rates, you get the point. The one thing you definitely shouldn’t do, is take what people are saying on Facebook at face value. Nine times out of ten, your friend that’s thrilled about getting a new job probably isn’t that thrilled, and the job is probably terrible, fact.

Most people are guilty of exaggerating their lives for the purpose of likes, retweets, whatever, the worst thing you can do is compare you own life to theirs, as it only makes you feel worse. Social media on the whole is a massive time sink as it is, so unless you’re using it to network, grow your online profile for professional means, or keeping in contact with close friends via messenger, ween yourself away from it if you can.

None the less, the fact you’re reading this would indicate you want to increase your productivity, and that’s half the battle. Do whatever you can to avoid falling into the abyss, as it becomes even more difficult to drag yourself out.

So what’s the motto of all of this?

Just get on with it!

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Written by Chris Johnson 


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