How to Get Headhunted


The following tips on how to get headhunted may seem a little obvious when you read through them. However, when you take a step back and look at how many of these things you are doing, doing well, or not doing at all, you may be surprised to find how the most seemingly obvious things are things you are not taking into account.

Now headhunters are different to recruitment agencies. Headhunters usually want to meet in person and get to know you a little better rather than just calling you and giving out job details. So in order to get headhunted, you need to start making your name known in your business, because they will be looking for the real deal to fit the roles they’re trying to fill. Don’t forget, there is a lot riding on their ability to find the perfect candidate for their client, so I’m going to go ahead and assume they will be looking for nothing but the best.

Make yourself known


If you want to stand out to a professional headhunter, you need to get your name out there yourself. You could attend events, take part in speaking at events if possible, or even start a blog and build up a following. Things like this will ensure you are doing what you can to make your name known amongst your peers, and allow you to network and make contacts.

Keep your social media profiles up to date


To start with, you need to actually have an account on various different social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Then it’s all about using them to your advantage. If you’re serious about your future career, don’t go posting slightly blurred pictures from last weekend of you with a pint in hand! Instead, use these platforms to sell yourself to any potential viewers. A nice idea could be to share a blog on these accounts.

Having numerous social media accounts will also make you available and contactable should they notice you. As said previously, networking is essential to climbing the career ladder in a lot of cases, and social media can allow you to network on a massive scale.

Performance is key


Headhunters hand pick people at the top of their game, so in order is score the best opportunities, you have to be the best. If you enjoy your job then making sure you do the best you can, should be easy. Take a look at the way in which you work and ask yourself whether there is anything you could do to improve? Are you giving 100% in every aspect?
If there are areas where you can brush up your knowledge, then do so. Become an expert in your field.

Do your research


There is no harm in seeking out who the main headhunters are in your region. Digging up a little background on these headhunters may allow you to cherry pick which events you go to for example, and actually make contact with one of them. This way you are ensuring they know who you are, and by backing yourself up with evidence of your work (like following the previous three tips will do) you are putting yourself on their radar and potentially standing out from the rest of the crowd.

Like I said, these tips may seem obvious. However, no headhunter is going to headhunt a mediocre worker. You may think you’re the best employee at your current job, but if you look across the board, how do you think you measure up against others? Pride yourself on doing your best, and promoting yourself and you shouldn’t go far wrong.

Of course, doing all of these tips does not guarantee you will be headhunted! But they are sure to give you a head start in the rat race to the top, right?

Written by Katy James


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