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Okay, so we are now just over two weeks into 2016 and just like the vast majority of other people, I am one of those New Year warriors that declare they are going back to the gym to get in shape, and banishing biscuits, cakes or anything remotely fattening from their kitchen! And of course, that was a big fat lie.

Don’t get me wrong, I have gone back to the gym to get a routine going, but I also caved and had a pile of chocolate digestives with my cup of tea on the first night. After inhaling everything that was put in front of me over the Christmas period, I understand it can be hard to get back into healthy habits!

My problem is that reaching for a pack of biscuits or cakes etc. is just too easy. It’s too easy to grab them from the shelves in supermarkets too. Same goes for fast food, or processed food that can be thrown in the microwave or oven quickly at home. However, pigging out on foods like this just because they are convenient and a quick fix for your hunger pangs cannot be justified really can it?

So here are a few tips that may help you get back on track, and hopefully make your health kick a little less boring.

  1. There’s more to a healthy life than salad


Yes, salad is good for you, but eating healthy doesn’t have to mean nibbling on iceberg lettuce for your dinner. Think outside the box and experiment with different salad recipes to make it interesting. For example, my mum used to put grapes in my salad for work, and I loved it! Homemade soup is also a good option as it uses just good old fashioned vegetables and tastes delicious.

My point here is that the thought of living on salad all through the week is enough to make anyone down on their health kick before it’s even started. So do some research on alternative salad recipes that are exotic and colourful and it won’t seem so boring.

  1. No need to ditch the carbs

In regards to eating healthy on a budget, if you make a nice healthy tea, make a little extra and take it to work the next day for a healthy dinner. I do this regularly and always feel a little better for going out and spending money on ‘quick fix’ dinner. Obviously it doesn’t cost much per day but the pennies add up!

  1. Become a blog enthusiast


This is a tip I can particularly relate to as I save blogs on a daily basis for me to refer back to for tips and advice! Bloglovin is a brilliant app to download and follow some really helpful blogs on. It’s free too! I currently have 50 blog posts saved on my Bloglovin app, solely related to healthy eating. This means I can refer back to them any time I like for creative ideas for healthy breakfasts, dinners, teas, smoothies, and best of all, healthy deserts!

By following healthy eating or nutrition blogs, you’ll feel more excited about your health kick as you will almost certainly want to try out some new recipes!

  1. Have fun planning


Make your new diet fun by sitting down every weekend and making a meal plan for your breakfast, dinners and teas the following week! Doing this, especially if you live with another person wanting to eat healthily too, will encourage you to think about what you are eating and hopefully make you look forward to your meals!

  1. Make shopping lists


I find that when it comes to going shopping and buying the right foods, having a list of what you need is very helpful. Following on from the previous tip about making meal plans for the week ahead, making a list of ingredients you need will ensure you stick to your list and don’t get carried away chucking packs of hobnobs in the trolley.

If you go shopping with a clear plan of what you need, you will be much less likely to buy unnecessary junk food, therefore saving yourself some dollar!

Written by Katy James


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