5 Ways to Save Money on Exercising


Don’t have the cash to fork out for the gym? It’s a fair enough excuse when you see some of the eye watering prices of some places. If there isn’t a gym within a good distance of your home, or if they’re simply too expensive. Here are some handy alternatives to keeping fit and healthy this year.

  1. Fitness apps


These are becoming more and more popular as they become more prevalent on the app stores. Apps such as 7 Minute Workout and Sworkit are fantastic for give you instructional exercises you can do at home. Some do it in double quick time, as seen in the 7 Minute Workout, if you’re really busy or don’t have much time in the day. Most of these will require some space at home, and maybe an exercise mat and possibly some dumbbells as well, but you can improvise here too; if you don’t have any dumbbells, try using a couple of tins from the cupboard!

  1. Go for a walk/run/bike/jog


There’s nothing stopping you from just buying a pair of running shoes and doing a few laps around the block, or a jog down the coastline. It’s exercise in its most basic and stripped back form! Just half an hour a day should be ample exercise for keeping up appearances.

  1. Convert an old bike into a stationary one


If you don’t fancy braving the harsh winter conditions, you can pick up an older bike from a second hand store, or perhaps you have an older one and could just buy a stationary bike stand. These can cost between £20-100 (which is still less than a yearly gym membership) and you can cycle to your hearts content in your own home!

  1. Join a club


Need a bit of motivation? Running and exercise clubs exist nationwide and there likely several in your area, do a bit of research and you can find something you like. These can vary wildly, from running clubs where groups of men and women can do a set distance at their own pace, to jogging with your mates whilst having a catchup. Hey, it beats knocking back the calories at the pub! There’s also clubs for football, squash, badminton and many more. Most, if not all of these will cost less than a monthly gym membership, some are downright free!

  1. Do all of the above!


Losing weight takes effort, a lot of effort, and some might say doing just one of these things may not be enough to shed those extra Christmas pounds. If you can combine a bit of aerobic with cardio and weight training then you ticking all the boxes.

Like eating healthily, it’s about finding the right balance, of course, you might just be looking to target a specific area, such as that belly blubber, or your arm muscles, calves or chest. In which case, do what you think is right for you, you know your body better than anyone else, and as long as you’re doing exercise that you think is right for you, then keep doing it while saving money!

Written by James Burcher

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