4 Ways to Get Over the Post-Christmas Blues


What is this? I’m getting up but it’s still dark out?! Yes, it’s back to work time, I know it feels like it was just yesterday you were getting up at 7am to unwrap all those presents, but real life is returning. Thankfully there are ways to cope and ensure that getting back to normal is as painless and easy and possible.

Look to the future


After all the Christmas excitement, food, drink and good times, going back to the old routine is enough to lower the spirits of anyone. A good way to lighten this feeling is to create something to look forward to. This works at anytime of year, but especially in early January. Depending on your budget, this could be anything from planning a day/night out to booking a trip away. Whatever it is, make sure it is something you really look forward to, then start counting down!

Have a laugh


Laughter is proven to be a very effective mood booster. It can instantly raise spirits and give a feeling of wellbeing. Get a funny DVD, movie or book and spend a few hours exercising those face muscles, maybe some standup comedy from a new comedian you’ve just found or revisit the classics that made you laugh as a child. Whatever makes you laugh, it’s bound to help.

 Up your social life

Students sitting clinking cups while smiling in college cafe

Spending time with your friends and family can be one of the best mood boosters around, especially if your social life could do with a lift following Christmas and you haven’t seen them much. You can also try arranging to visit someone who lives a while away if you never got the chance to during the break, it’s a new year, so make a new start!

Make the changes


If the thought of going back to your regular routine really depresses you, perhaps you should see this as the sign you need to make some big changes. It’s entirely normal to feels a bit down about returning to work, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t, but if the thought is really making you blue then maybe it’s time to think about changing your job or career.

Look at what needs to be changed, have a think about what makes you unhappy and then make a plan to tackle it, over the course of the year. So by the time New Years rolls around next year, you’ll be raring to get back into work and the post-Xmas blues will be a thing of the past!

Written by James Burcher

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