How to Make a Good First Impression on your First Day at Work


You were successful and you got the job, the hardest bit is over.

But now your first day is approaching and your nerves and a wild mix of emotions are likely to be kicking in. How do you make your manager realise that they made a wise decision and you were the right person for the job?

“First impressions count.”

“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Don’t let those famous quotes scare you. Follow the following steps and I guarantee you will leave a good impression on your first day.

What to wear?!


It is always better to be overdressed than undressed.

You may be a student and this could be your first day at work or you could be a retiree or mother getting back into work. If you are a part of any of these categories you may have no idea where to start. So many outfits to choose from or none to choose from at all! I bet you’re thinking how handy a personal stylist would come in right about now. But we don’t all have that privilege of course.

Firstly, it depends on your workplace. If you are starting an office job a shirt and trousers or skirt is the safest option. Looking smart is important as it displays your professionalism and readiness to work. However, on the other end of the spectrum i.e. working in construction – it’s likely you will be given strict guidelines due to health and safety regulations.

Ask Questions


Don’t be afraid to ask questions before your first day regarding the attire. A brief email to your workplace will only leave the impression that you are organised and want to be fully prepared! This applies to the first day in general. Asking your colleagues questions will show that you are enthusiastic and eager to learn.

Come prepared


Coming to work prepared allows you to achieve more and tackle various challenges. Bring all the documentation you need and complete any necessary research, it lets your employer know that you are a dependable and organised employee.

Punctuality is everything!


If you want to make a good impression the worst thing you can possibly do is be late. So make sure you are on time, even better, be there early! Your employer will know you value your job. If late, they may consider your lack of punctuality to be an issue in the future. Also, rushing to work late will only make you panic and arrive hot and flustered – the red face is usually a dead giveaway.

Nevertheless being late is sometimes unavoidable. In this case, make sure you have the contact number of your employers to inform them of the situation – and I can guarantee they will still be as welcoming when you later arrive.

Take notes


Remember to take notes! You will be told a long list of things to remember. Have a pen and a small notebook at the ready throughout the whole day. Your colleagues do not expect you to have an impeccable memory which stores everything. Do not be afraid to write information down but maintain eye contact now and again so they know you’re still listening!

Most importantly – have a positive attitude

Positive attitude

A positive attitude affects many aspects of your work life. For instance, it will allow you to build relationships with your colleagues easily. Your eagerness and friendliness will create better interactions and it is proven to help increase the success rates of tasks.

P.S. Smile


It’s welcoming!

Written by Judith Kefas 

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