Finding the Balance Between Study, Work and Play


It can be a hard thing, learning to juggle certain life aspects. Especially at university. You’re torn between your degree, earning money and having a social life. Actually, it’s proven to be so hard that everyone I’ve met who has had the pleasure of dealing with such important life choices, can relate to this. So if this is all sounding too familiar to you, then here are some tips that get all those jobs done.

Time Management


So this may seem very obvious when thinking about how to find the perfect balance in life, but it’s true. Time management is crucial to a healthy schedule. As a student in their third year, for me this is key to passing my degree. You need to hit those deadlines whether you like it or not, so when it comes to it, a strict schedule of what needs to be done is the aim here. Don’t think of it as being tied down to those essays though, think of it more as your own personally head space.

Make Yourself a Weekly Schedule


Set yourself a little time aside on a Sunday night to write down all the things you need to have done by the end of the week. Plan you study time slots to fit around your work rota, and your lecture rota. This will instantly help you juggle your study around the other priorities you have going on, and it’s also a good reminder for when work is due. So you don’t find yourself caught out and panicking when you realise that you only have 24 hours left before the deadline.

Always plan to be just that little bit ahead. Go and see you tutors and classmates – see how far you should be in regards to a deadline, and how far they are. This always seems to induce a bit of healthy competition when it comes to myself and my course mates.

You never know where life will take you. For that reason alone, being a bit ahead of where you should be gives you a comfortable leeway if life wants to throw you a curveball at the last minute.

But enough about work, it’s also just as important to spend your time wisely with people just to relax. Whether that’s a break to grab coffee with friends, or going out drinking to the weekly course mixer. Go and give your mind a breather, you never know when a great idea will pop into your head, so allow it some time to think of one.

All is good in doses. Don’t feel bad about going out with your friends, just be careful to prioritise with the things that matter right now. For me personally, I know that if I have to cancel on a friend because of my workload, they won’t mind because they understand. Just as a little side note, try to surround yourselves with these kind of people. Because they are wonderful and calming to have around when you’re stressing about the work.

This is also by far the best way to feel better about what you’ve done. Friends can give you support like no other, and on the flip side, tell you honestly when you need to get on with that bit of work you’ve been putting off.

Practice Makes Perfect


Some schedules don’t work for everyone. If you’re finding that you can spend ages with one idea, like me, set time aside to get that idea out of your mind and down onto paper. However, my housemate can only work in small doses, if you’re like him, plan your study sessions to be an hour long each (maximum) so your mind doesn’t overwork and turn to mush.

It’s all about finding that balance after all, so don’t feel like you need work in the same way as others. Everyone works in different ways. Everyone has a different mind-set. So if the schedule you’ve made for yourself doesn’t seem to be doing the job, change it.

 Stick To Your Schedule


Once you’ve found a schedule that works for you, stick to it. Go to work, reach those deadlines, and treat yourself for what you’ve achieved!

Written by Kara Gurr


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