Benefits of Commuting by Bike

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It’s 7am. It’s still dark outside. You’re half asleep as you eat your breakfast and then you pack your outfit for the day away and get ready to brace the cold on your bicycle.

I realise this does not sound very appealing to the vast majority of people, but I think it’s all about perspective. You may have read those first two sentences and though ‘Ugh. No thank you’, but read on and hopefully you’ll change your mind. After all, the mornings are not dark and cold all year round!

Bike yourself fit


Dragging yourself to the gym after a hard day in work or University etc. surely sounds worse than a little bike ride in the a.m.? Cycling is an easy way to get in shape. Even just a mile there and back per day means you’d be cycling 10 miles per week.

Cycling for five days of the week would improve your overall health and fitness massively and make you feel more ready to attack the day ahead.
Getting out on your bike in the morning, regardless of whether it’s a blustery winter one or a beautiful sunny one, will wake you up much faster than a ride on a cramped train or sitting in rush hour traffic in a car. You will start your day with a more positive energy after getting all those endorphins going. So don’t look at your ride to work as a chore, look at it as a chance to start your day off in a better, happier state of mind!

Save the planet


I’m not exactly sure how much pollution each car emits into the atmosphere because I haven’t done the calculations (and wouldn’t know how to), but do you know how much pollution a bicycle emits? Zero.

Everyone probably assumes that swapping their car for a bicycle is not worth it because one person isn’t going to make much difference to the world. But one person is better than none! Then you can share your new found wisdom on cycling with friends at the office etc, and hopefully encourage them to do the same thing. Imagine how many of your bicycles can fit into the one parking space?!

Even if you don’t manage to convince others, think of your ride to work as a way that you can sleep soundly knowing that you’re doing your bit for our beautiful planet.

Enjoy some extra cash


Paying for fuel, bus fares or train fares each week adds up. For example, my partner spends £15 – £20 each week on fuel to get to and from work, and we only have a little fiesta! Technically we could have £60-£80 extra cash for ourselves each month.

Usually bus fares in city centres are fairly reasonable, but train fares (especially long commutes) can set you back a fair few pennies per week. This is all money you don’t NEED to spend, and investing in a nice new bicycle, or just digging out your old one, can save you some cash that could be better spent elsewhere. So look at your ride to work as something that will enable you to go on a night out, buy yourself a treat, or add to your holiday fund.

These are only a few of the reasons why commuting by bike is beneficial, but in my opinion they are solid evidence that biking is a mode of transport to be seriously considered. Whether it’s the health benefits, becoming greener in your day to day routine, or having some extra money to play around with, I’m sure everybody finds at least one of these reasons good enough to have a think about jumping on a bike. I’m also sure that everybody can think of other reasons to commute by bike too.

So go ahead and bike your way to a healthier, more economical, richer and happier version of yourself.

You’re welcome!

Written by Katy James


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