9 Things to do over the Festive Period


Close down that Google browser, put down that mouse and turn your computer off. You’ve been working hard for months and the end of the year is the time to take a break from the job search or the extra hours of work you’ve doing (if work permits).

It is so easy to never take a break and yet, if you don’t, you’ll burn out and no one wants you in this state. So have a look at some of my suggestions below and go out and enjoy your December:

Relax in a hot bath

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Why not spend an hour on a cold winter’s night doing something you rarely get the chance to do: Candles, bubble bath, possibly a cup of tea (or another beverage) and music of your choice. Bliss!

Go for a walk


Depending where you live, this could be in a local park or in the big outdoors. Seems simple, but a walk in nature can help you to find inner calm and sometimes help you to re-evaluate the things that normally stress you out.

Read a book


Depending on your type of commute, you might not have the chance to read, yet a little bit of fictional escapism is good for the mind. I read a variety of genres to mix it up a bit, but choose something that takes your fancy, find a comfy seat and let your mind absorb the story of a different world.

Make and Bake


Have you made or baked anything recently? Making something from scratch (whatever that is) can be really therapeutic. You also have the feeling of contentment and pleasure when the item (food or other) is finished. So decide what you fancy making and get crafting.

Watch some Christmas movies (or at least some classics from your childhood)


I watched Home Alone and Bedknobs and Broomsticks the other day with the Christmas lights on and the main lights off. It was great! These may not be your choice of movies, but there are enough films on TV and On Demand to find what suits you, so grab the blanket and enjoy something in the comfort of your own home.

Go to a Christmas Market


One of the more festive things you could do in December is go to a Christmas Market. Lots of places do them now, so have a Google search in your local area and see what comes up. Mulled wine, crafts to buy and the feeling of Christmas all around you: What more could you want!

“Treat Yourself”


Coined from the phrase in American TV show “Parks and Recreations”, “Treat Yourself” is used because two of the characters have one day a year when they can treat themselves to whatever they fancy. Now, I don’t want one day a year when I do this, but I do agree that every now and then, you should treat yourself. If you’ve bought all the Xmas gifts and have the odd hour to yourself, why not go to the shops and see what you want.

And my favourite of all 9 suggestions…

Go on a Mini Break


If you really can’t clear your head at home or nearby, jump on a train or plane and escape your life for a few days. These days with Air B n B, Mega Bus, Ryan Air etc, you can get a few days away at the last minute for a good price. So come on then, pack up a few bits and pieces and off you go.

I hope these suggestions have inspired your Yule time break and help to make your festive season a good one.

I won’t be back until the New Year, but thank you for reading my blog post, as it means a lot. Have a great December and see you in January.

Written by Nicola Smith 


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