6 Money Saving Apps for Christmas


With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to polish up the smartphone and get downloading some money saving apps that’ll help sew that hole in your pocket.

If you’re after a cheaper Christmas turkey, discounted gifts, or simply want to reduce the cost of visiting friends and family, I’ve got the app you. What’s even better, once the festivities come to an end and normality resumes, these apps will still continue to save you money.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get straight to it and make the Christmas period and beyond more forgiving!



This should be the most obvious, but is still easily forgotten. Before our smartphones and tablets, Groupon was simply something to check every so often if it crossed your mind. Now, with it being accessible whenever and wherever we go, there’s no excuse not to take full advantage of what Groupon has to offer.

If you’ve planned a day out, are ordering something online or you simply love a bargain when you see one, check Groupon. Make it the second thing you do after thinking of anything that requires money, chances are you’ll make a saving!

Skype / Whatsapp Messenger


Both services allow you to call, text and send images or video content to your friends and family through your data or Wi-Fi. The saving for general use day-to-day is entirely dependent on your phone’s payment plan, but whenever you’re on Wi-Fi, it won’t cost you a penny.

The main benefit? Wi-Fi is available around the world, if you or a friend are abroad and you want to send pictures or call through Skype or Whatsapp, you’ll be making mammoth savings every time.

The only downside of Whatsapp is it’s only free for the first year. With this said, it’s nothing that’ll cause bankrupsy; it becomes a £0.69 annual charge, well worth it in the long run. Skype is completely free.



Filling a niche of price comparisons, this little gem is as simple as it gets. There’ll be countless journeys between different places as you taxi family and friends to their desired destination; this, as we know, requires petrol.

Nobody has the time (or petrol, evidently) to drive around finding the best priced fuel for the car, so give this a download and it’ll do it for you. You may only be saving 3p a time, but it’ll all add up if you’re constantly checking your prices.



We’ve all been there, out shopping only to see something we could have sworn were cheaper elsewhere. Take the phone out of your pocket and scan the barcode, uncover the price of the same item both online and in other stores, see how much of a saving you can make. It doesn’t just stop there.

Once you know the Christmas pudding is cheaper somewhere else, you can buy it, have it delivered to your house or pick it up in a few days, all via the app. Magic!



If you’re after a new kettle, a games console or a block of cheese, there’s usually a deal somewhere that’ll net what you want for a smaller cost. Traditional price comparison apps don’t necessarily pick up on everything, which is where you can trust the British public to spot some gold both on and offline.

Deals are posted by the average Joe, where users can then rate the deal as ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ depending on if they feel it’s a good deal. If you see a deal at 981 degrees, there’s a high chance you’re onto a cracker! You can even assign keywords that’ll notify you every time a good deal featuring your keyword comes to light.

To date, I’ve saved well over £500 because of this app, if that’s not reason enough to want it, I don’t know what is.

TrainLine / Citymapper


If you’ve got a journey planned and don’t have a car, or simply don’t feel like driving, the TrainLine app will prove invaluable when getting the cheapest possible fares for you. It’s straight forward to use and runs as smoothly as you could possibly want, plus it contains live train updates which will make sure you never miss a train again.


Citymapper doesn’t get its own section simply because it’s only based in London at the moment, but it’s looking to expand. Citymapper is one of many apps available to get you to where you want, as quickly and cheaply as possible. If you’re based in London, or even if you’re just visiting, get hold of this app.

And that’s that, give them all a download and use when needed, you’ll be sure to make a saving somewhere down the line.

Every app listed here is completely free, so you will only profit.

Time to get saving!

Written by Chris Johnson


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