Can Your Social Media Profile Stop You from Getting a Job?

When it comes to social media, do you ever think before you tweet? Do you stop and say to yourself, ‘who is going to be reading this?’ If you’re looking for a job and this question doesn’t go through your mind, that’s probably where you’re going wrong.

As a nation, we feel the need to tell the world what we are doing, whether it is what we are having for lunch or how we feel about the latest picture of Kim K. But, with the power of the internet rising rapidly, there is a lot more to worry about when applying for a job other than writing a CV and preparing for an interview.

Nowadays, one of the biggest influences to possible employers is social media. Employers now have the ability to see if you are suitable for a job by doing some digging through your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other accounts they can get their hands on.

Put yourself in the employers shoes, would you hire somebody who’s latest tweet was ‘OMG so hungover, can’t stop throwing up #lol #sodrunk’. More than likely the answer is going to be no. No matter how strong your CV, posts like this can and will jeopardise the chance of getting a job or even getting the opportunity for an interview.

Here’s 5 top tips to make yourself more employable through social media:


  • If you don’t change anything else, then make sure you change your profile picture. This will be the first thing a potential employer will see, and if it’s a picture that doesn’t show you in a good light, for example standing in a mirror taking a selfie in your underwear, chances are they’re going to move on to the next candidate (unless you’re applying for a modelling job, then in that case, good luck).


  • Add a short biography to your social media. Explain in your bio a little bit about yourself, including what you are aspiring to be or what you currently do, or even just your hobbies, for example ‘a 21-year-old student studying Journalism. My hobbies include reading, writing for my blog and sourcing news stories.’


  • If you have an opinion DON’T always share it. If you think that a politician is a [insert nasty word here], then it’s not always necessary to share it with the world. Many people have been fired from their job because they tweeted about being bored at work or tweeted an offensive comment about their boss. Sometimes it is best to keep your opinions to yourself.


  • Whatever you do, DO NOT DRUNK POST! There is no denying that everyone has posted something whilst drunk, but the regret the next day is shameful. To stop this horrible feeling, just don’t do it, because you never know who is looking at your accounts whilst you’re sleeping off your hangover.


  • The best thing to do now is to go through your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever social media you have and DELETE everything that could be seen as inappropriate. Use the theory ‘if it’s unsuitable for your parents to see, get rid of it.’

If you’re looking for a job, you don’t have to go to the extreme of deleting your social media accounts, but just be careful when posting. Think about who will be looking at your posts and whether they are appropriate for employers to see. After all, most potential employers want someone with a personality, so it is good to be active online. However, some things need to be kept to yourself and not spread all over social media. Think before you post, always.

Written by Hannah Hodgson @HanHodge93

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