6 Ways Looking for a Job is a Lot Like Dating

Did you ever realise that looking for a job is a lot like dating?

If you fail, both dating and job hunting can be a miserable experience. But, if you win, and land the person or job that makes you happy, then it can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. You’ll always remember the feeling of that perfect meeting or interview that landed you with the love or career of your life.

With so much at stake, it’s no wonder that both can often be terrifying prospects.

Here are six of the creepiest similarities between dating and job hunting:

Finding “the one” takes a lot of legwork


For most of us, finding the perfect job (and person!) doesn’t just happen – rather, we have to make a deliberate search. This means setting up online profiles, responding to Internet ads and networking with friends or colleagues to find the right match (even with the odd blind date thrown in!)

It’s therefore no surprise that online dating services’ questions are similar to those asked by online job applications. To ensure that you’re compatible on both fronts, it’s important that you answer these questions honestly.

You’ll want to make the best first impression possible


You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

That’s why those nagging insecurities can often overwhelm us before a date or interview; we’re putting ourselves, warts and all, at the mercy of another person or company. Their good opinion matters immensely, and may even be a life changer, so think carefully about how you present yourself at the first meeting.

You’ll end up sitting by the phone


The sober truth is that the better the date or the better the job interview, the more you’re going to be waiting for your phone to ring over the next few days… or weeks. The waiting game can often be a painful experience but have patience; the right job or person is out there for you and will be worth waiting for!

A bad date or interview can be a traumatic experience

Businessman throwing away report into trash

We all like to think that we can roll with the punches, but an unpleasant date or job interview can be emotionally traumatic, especially if you’ve pinned your hopes to its outcome. At the end of the day you have to take it all in your stride. Learn from the experience, think about what you’ll do differently next time then just let it go and move on!

You’re trying to find “The Right One”

A well dressed business man holds a briefcase while shielding his eyes from the sun and standing on a rocky hilltop

Whether it’s a potential partner, job or career, you want to find the perfect match. We’ve all wasted time with the wrong person or job – and we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. The ‘right one’ is out there – they may just take a bit of finding!

You invest a lot of emotional time and effort in the search

Multi-ethnic business people sitting holding clocks over faces.

That’s why it helps if you can have a sense of humour about the whole experience. It’s often difficult at first to live down a bad date or a horrendous interview, but if you keep your sense of humour, the memories won’t linger quite as long. You might even be able to laugh about it! And the added bonus is you’ll realise the truth more quickly: The reason the date or interview went so badly was simply because the two of you weren’t a good match to start with.

So, pick yourself back up, smile and get ready for the next opportunity!

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