5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Something has happened recently and your confidence has been knocked. You really want to feel how you felt before, but you don’t know how to get there.

With many of us having hectic lifestyles, sometimes it feels like there is no time to take a minute for ourselves. But sometimes, you just need to be honest and do something for you once in a while to put you back in the right mind set.

Below are five suggestions of ways to push your confidence back up, which in turn should help you get that job or succeed in something you want.

Meditation and/or confidence building seminars


Sometimes you need to step back from the things that stress you out or make you less confident. Taking a meditation or confidence building seminar in person or online can help you to re-evaluate and reset your mindset, making it easier to move forward.

Below are a few possible starting points, but there are lots more companies and websites, some which might be more specific to where you live:



Do something your good at


When you lack confidence, you tend to think about the negative points about yourself. Why not start looking at your positive points. For example, if you’re good at baking, why not go and make a cake? The feeling you have when that cake is finished will make you feel good about yourself, which is a starting point for everything else.

If your good at things based outside the house space, look up a short course or a half day event involving the interest. Get signed up and start to build that confidence again!

Break some of your fear boundaries


I speak from experience of someone that is scared of heights. I could have let this problem control my life, but instead I keep doing things that challenge my fear.

In the last 3 years I have:

Been to the top of Castello Dos Mouros that sits high above Sintra, Portugal; have gone down the longest zipwire in Europe, done indoor skydiving and gone Zorbing.

Was I terrified at doing all of the above? Of course I was! But you know what, I did all of them, enjoyed the experiences and felt extremely good about myself afterwards. What more of a confidence boost can you give yourself than completing something you thought was never possible?

List all the things you’ve done that day


Inspired by something I saw on Facebook a while back, I found it very productive to write down all the tasks I had completed in a day.

It is quite easy to feel, due to confidence, that you haven’t achieved enough in a day, but when you write down a list, you realise you have done a lot more than you think. It definitely makes you feel better about yourself and puts you in a positive mindset for the tasks awaiting you the next day.

Find out your best attributes from friends


If your applying for a new job, it can be quite easy to question whether you are good enough for the role, even if you are. This is when it is worth speaking to a friend or co-worker and asking them their honest opinion of your best traits.

Hearing about yourself from someone else’s perspective, can help you to understand how you come across to others. Getting these honest opinions, will mean you push yourself in the right way on your applications and in the long run, will build your confidence.

These are just some general ideas of how to build your confidence, but they are a good starting point for change. Believing in yourself might not change over night, but little changes over time could make a huge difference.

So get off the couch, put on your favourite music and make today count!

Written by Nicola Smith


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