Making the Most of Your Temporary Role

You started a temporary job a while ago and the contract has been extended. You have realised that this particular job is not what you are looking for in a career, but the job suits whilst you are looking for something more ideal. The first instinct might be just to get through the days doing what you have to, with the mindset that you won’t be there for much longer. This is a really bad way of looking at your current role.

Although this might not be what you want to do, you need to see this role as a positive experience whilst you are working towards your goals. At the end of the day, you are currently paid to be there, you probably want a good reference when you leave and you might as well enjoy your time there.

So here are some tips to making the most of your temporary role and fitting in with your team.

Make Tea


This might sound like an unimportant and demeaning task, but it really isn’t. Most offices have certain times of the day or times in the year which are particularly stressful and there is really nothing like being asked if you want a tea or a coffee at one of these time. This offer to your team or nearby desk buddies will make you a popular lifesaver when things are tough, and others will be especially grateful if you remember or have made note of how they each take their drinks.

Do basic tasks well


You have been given the task of stuffing and labelling several 100 envelopes and you are not overly looking forward to it. The way you have to see this task is because you are new, you are being given something basic to start off with in the office. Prove that you can stuff and label the envelopes efficiently and you are showing that you are competent, which may very well lead to more exciting tasks as the job goes on.

Offer to help others


Especially within small teams, people can be over swamped with work but might not ask for help. If you see someone struggling with a project or a task and you haven’t got much on yourself, offer to help. Even if you take on something minor within that task, it could be a huge help to the individual and will make you stand out from the rest of the team.

Be polite to the people you work with


Depending on your role, you may be spending a lot of hours a week with your work colleagues, so it is important to get on with people. Although it is impossible for everyone to be close mates with each other, it is possible to be polite and to have a good working relationship with others, so always try your best to fit in: Finding out what people do outside of work might also help conversation flow when you first start.

Put forward your ideas and offer your skills to your team


It is quite easy for teams to get stuck in a rut with their current work processes, especially if they have been in place for ages and the team has had the same people in it for years. If you see an opportunity where a process could be made better or there is a chance to use some of your expertise on a project, offer your skills. There is no better way to improve yourself and add something great to your CV, than by throwing yourself into a task that was not expected of you. This will allow you to: Do something different to your normal role, for people to notice that you have other skills to offer and that you do not just stand back and watch others take on the challenges.

The combination of these five things alone can make you stand out tons against other temporary staff members. I have had various occasions where I have had temporary roles extended or have been offered permanent roles after working really hard on a contract. It does pay off, so put on a smile, take everyday as it comes and don’t forget the milk!

Written by Nicola Smith


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