How to be Prepared for a Rainy Day at Work

It is autumn time and the weather is changing. Those sunny days are more often than not turning into downpours and you get caught in the rain. I personally hate nothing worse than to be soaked on the way to work, knowing I am going to be stuck in wet clothes all day. Due to this, I like to plan ahead and make sure that wet weather doesn’t spoil my day.

Below are some small things you can keep at work for those rainy days, to make the day less horrid:

Spare pair of socks and shoes


This will depend on your office and if you have your own storage space, but having wet feet all day is not good for you. I like to keep a spare pair of socks and shoes at work for these days, so I can let the wet items dry out and have something clean and dry to put on instead.

A few old newspapers


These are great for absorbing the water in wet shoes. If you have enough, jam pack your shoes with scrunched up newspaper and change the paper twice during the day. For most shoes, these will leave them dry and ready to wear by the end of the day.

Porridge and Cup a Soups


For the morning and lunch downpour, have a box of porridge and cuppa soups at the ready to get you through the day. Most offices have milk, sugar and a microwave, which is all you will need for your porridge breakfast and the Cup a Soup can be used to warm you up when you first get in or be a lunchtime filler until the rain stops.

Hair beautifier spray and hair turban

Turbie Twist

If your hair is like mine, it looks miserable when it gets soaked. Put your hair in a hair towel turban for a few minutes, then spray on some dry conditioner or a hair beautifier and then brush your hair (and tie up if it suits). Hair turbans are cheap and quick to use and I personally like this Hair beautifier because it gets knots out quickly and my hair smells and feels fresh.

A cardigan or jumper


If you are feeling chilly when you first come out of the rain, there is nothing like putting something warm on when you first get to the office. Keep a cardigan or jumper over the back of your chair or in a locker, so you can initially put it on to bring your temperature back up to normal.

I hope this has given you a few ideas of how to make a rainy day more manageable when working. We live in the UK, so we can’t make the rain go away, but we can make our day a little bit brighter: Enjoy the puddles, but don’t forgot your umbrella!


Written by Nicola Smith


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