How a Summer Job Can Improve Your CV

It is just after Easter and apart from handing in a few more pieces of coursework and completing the rest of your final year exams, the summer is all yours!

Instead of just riding out the summer, why not apply for a summer job? People take on summer jobs for various reasons whilst they are away from university, but one of the most popular reasons for doing so is to gain experience for their CV. So what can a summer job do for your CV?

It can allow you to gain experience in something you have never done before

I had a gap one spring and I applied to be an Assistant Stage Manager for a local fringe show. I had a very casual interview but the guy liked my passion and my personality, so I started shortly after. The experience gave me a chance to try something professionally that I had always wanted to do, and this experience allowed me to go on to work on other shows in the future.

Having something different from the norm can be a selling point for your CV, especially if the skills are transferable to other jobs. Remember, everyone wants their own CV to stand out, so what could you do to make yours special?

It can allow you to work in another city or place over the summer

I’m from Kent and tend to work in London, but I have had a few short roles that have allowed me to work in Edinburgh, Oxford and Suffolk over the summer, which has given me a change of scene and some time out from London life.

Whether it is working internationally at somewhere like Camp America or working on a summer project in another part of the UK, it will show that you are willing to work in other places, interested in travel, open minded and able to come out of your comfort zone.

It can allow you to make new contacts for the future

I took on a summer role that involved working at Latitude Music Festival. It was an intense 6 weeks but I had an amazing time, which finished with being at the festival itself. One of the best things that came out of it was working with some really cool people, some of whom I am still in contact with now. One of the people in particular was so impressed with my work, that this position led to other roles in the future through him and some of his contacts.

Never underestimate what contacts in your area of work can do for you. They are especially important for references and recommendations on sites like LinkedIn.

It can allow you to take on an internship that you couldn’t fit in during term time

I have done a few small internships over the years, which I have tended to fit in at the end of Spring/Summer. Internships (although not always paid and if they are, not normally that much) can allow you to gain new skills and prove yourself within a company. I found that when working with smaller companies (though the financial benefits will be lower due to working with a smaller team) you would be given more responsibility. Plus, the skills you learn look great when you update your CV.

It could turn into more than just a summer job

I started what was meant to be a 7-week contract with my friend’s company last year. I worked really hard from the outset and got on well with the team and so my contract kept being extended. I have now been there nearly a year and a half and I am in the running for standing in for a senior role.

You shouldn’t underestimate what a summer job can bring to you. Imagine how good it will look on your CV if your company keeps you on and you receive a more permanent role with the same company in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Go find that summer job – registering on Red WigWam is a great place to start.

The world is your oyster!

Written by Nicola Smith

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