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Retirement has changed in most recent years and it will never be for us what it was for past generations ever again. Being able to reach a certain age where relaxing and leisure are to be enjoyed as a full time pastime is going to be an unsustainable lifestyle for most.

Why is this?

Well, there are a number of reasons such as the basic State Pension not being deemed an affordable amount to live off alone, companies may not offer workplace pension schemes, the cost of living has risen, and ultimately, we’re all living longer.

Retirement was invented when we weren’t expected to live much longer beyond it, whereas the typical 65-year-old today can look forward to living at least another ten years in good health.


Many of us are enjoying a fitter healthier lifestyle in our 50s and 60s compared to that of our parents, and are eager to keep active both physically and mentally. There is also research confirming that retirement has a detrimental impact on both mental and physical health over time, resulting in a rise of people choosing to work beyond retirement age out of choice, not due to necessity.

Just how easy is it for retirees to find work though? Older workers can often be faced with prejudiced views and preformed assumptions from hirers who consider older workers to be too experienced for the role or not skilled or tech-savvy enough. Then there’s the issue of finding work that’s flexible enough to allow retirement to be enjoyed.

Red WigWam spotted this gap in the recruitment industry and created an innovative online solution as a result. Hirers post a job on Red WigWam’s online booking platform outlining what it is they’re looking for. Workers register and simply tell us what they’re good at and when they’re available to work. Jobs are then matched on a first come first served basis based on location, availability and skills. Age is not included in the matching process.

Take Keith Hand from the North West region, who retired from a full-time field sales role last year. Keith was not ready to stop working altogether as he wanted to keep active and utilise his skills and experience by continuing to work in some capacity.

He says: “I’m semi-retired, but I still enjoy contact with business. Red WigWam offered me the flexibility to apply my career experience to appropriate temporary roles at a time that suited me. It’s very straightforward. You just register on their website, tell them a bit about yourself, then sit back and relax! You don’t need to keep checking the site for new jobs as they’ll email or text you when a suitable job match has been made, and when you are matched, you either accept or reject the job. Any online reporting is easy to complete and payments are received within seven working days.”

Red WigWam doesn’t just benefit retirees, employers who go for the older candidate will benefit too as they gain experienced, skilled and reliable people for their businesses, who can usually work on a flexible basis.

CTDPFF An elderly female employee working at the checkout counter in Jesse & Kelly's No Frills supermarket store Ontario, Canada. Image shot 05/2012. Exact date unknown.

With all the benefits of working past retirement, it’s no wonder that more and more people are opting to do so. In fact, there are now over one and a half million people over the age of 55 who are officially retirees, but continue to work part-time. They make up part of the 7 million people in the UK for whom part-time work is a choice.

Just by working a few extra years, not only can you put yourself in a much better financial situation, allowing you to save and spend more, but you’ll also be keeping physically and mentally active.

Attitudes towards older workers are turning. Our population is an ageing one and we cannot afford to ignore the older workforce that offer a wealth of experience, including life skills, productivity and commitment. If employers don’t recognise this then they are restricting the talent pool they can access and they will miss out.

Red WigWam wants to help more retirees find temp work, but at a time that suits them. Register at Red WigWam and join the retired working revolution!

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