The World’s Best Music Festivals 2015

Summer is widely regarded as festival season to students and twenty something’s across the country with droves flocking in their hundreds of thousands to festivals afar year in year out. Musical preference obviously plays a significant part when deciding which festival to attend and, in turn, skews belief about which is the best to attend due to everyone having their own opinion.


I’m sure no one would argue that Glastonbury could well be regarded as a sort of festival mecca to the festival pilgrims, all journeying to a quaint village in the southwest of England for a weekend of too much alcohol and too little sleep, but that’s all part of the fun. Glastonbury tailors to the everyman, offering a wide variety of excellent musical acts consistently drawing massive demand, its selling points not only being a consistent high quality of music but also the aura it holds and experience it offers attendees. Selling out in less than 5 minutes consistently every year makes attending that much more special, being one of those to obtain the fabled golden tickets. An experience like no other with the perfect blend of music for all attending, I’d give Glastonbury a 5/5.


The closest rival to Glastonbury would be Coachella in Palm Springs, CA, spread over two weekends to accommodate the demand for tickets, it is widely regarded as the best that America has to offer. A consistent draw for celebrities, it is a place to be seen and a wonder to behold. With almost a guarantee for excellent weather Coachella consistently blends old acts with the new, this years example being the presence of AC/DC and Interpol alongside the likes of Drake and David Guetta, with the addition of foreign artists and spoken word performers all coming together to form this concoction of music which fits together so wonderfully.  Whilst maybe not being able to offer the experience that Glastonbury gives Coachella has found its own way, complete with large sculptures of various wondrous creatures scattered throughout the arena along with a multitude of fairground rides. With this in mind it has certainly earned its place among the festival hierarchy with a 4.5/5.


Now, as I initially mentioned, choosing music festivals is strongly influenced by each individuals preference, Glastonbury and Coachella both cater to the needs of all however for the electronic dance music (EDM) enthusiasts they can be left with a fair bit to desire attending these festivals. This is where festivals such as Creamfields come into their own. Creamfields takes place every year in the UK on the same weekend as Reading & Leeds festival though it consistently sells out year after year indicating the significant stance it has in the festival world. Offering all the biggest EDM artists under the sun it is 3 days of nothing but dance music widely renowned as the best EDM festival there is in the world among dance music purists. The festival that offers the best of the best in its genre coupled with unparalleled production and special effects it’s no wonder it holds its own against Reading & Leeds consistently earning itself a 4/5.

To conclude Glastonbury is the place to be come festival season, although it does have some worthy rivals across the globe in the form of Coachella and Creamfields, it still stands tall above the rest and is deserved of its reputation as the worlds best. If you disagree or want to share your experiences from being at any of these festivals or more, please be sure to leave a comment below!

Written by Elliott Horsburgh

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