Managing Staff at Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner which is generally a time for most to relax with loved ones, however the season of goodwill can sometimes be dampened by work.

What does this mean for Employers and their staff’s work productivity and attendance?

Christmas is a critical time of year for businesses as it’s usually deemed as being the most profitable, but it’s also the time of year where productivity levels can slip and absenteeism can rise due to staff ‘winding down’ in preparation for time off. However, if your business is an industry that does not close over the Christmas period then this can be disastrous because staff may want to take unofficial holidays in order to enjoy the festive period and may do this by calling in sick.

What can Employers do?

Make the place feel festive.


You can allow employees to decorate the workplace so it feels festive thus boosting staff morale. Happy staff will translate into higher productivity levels and reduced absenteeism.

Don’t be the Grinch

Not organising a staff party for employees could really dampen spirits and the general atmosphere. A Christmas party can be a great way of making staff feel rewarded for all their hard work, just try to avoid providing too much alcohol if it’s midweek otherwise staff may feel too ill to come into work the next day!

Make sure employees know the company policy

To avoid any potential disciplinary hearings, employers should ensure that their employees are aware of company policy regarding absence i.e. being aware of the correct procedure to report absence.

Get in touch with Red WigWam

It can be hard to cater to everyone’s needs during holiday periods such as Christmas as your business may not be able to provide staff time off in order to be able to fulfil orders. Then there’s the real possibility of experiencing a higher-than-usual level of sickness and absence, which basically leaves you and your company in the lurch.

However, you can rely on Red WigWam to provide you with the temporary staff required to cover those who are absent from the business in short notice.

Don’t let productivity go down, register on Red WigWam to see how we can help cover you over Christmas.

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