Want to Gain Social Media Experience? Become a Hub Agent


The Mothership Community Hubs are a new venture from The Mothership Group, the business start-up company based in Liverpool, with the help of sister business Red Wigwam. The aim of the Hubs is to build stronger local communities and to provide a platform for members and independent business owners to engage at a local level. Thus creating a more beneficial community based relationship for everyone.

What does being a Hub Agent mean?

At the moment, being a Hub Agent means choosing one of our (130+) accounts and managing the day to day content, the following and unfollowing (in order to increase the visibility of the account) and to increase our following, of course!

What’s in it for you?

Aside from earning some extra beer/taxi money, running one of our hubs (with our help and guidance) gives you valuable social media experience, which with the ever growing social media industry and many company’s naïve in how to fully utilise its free marketing value, will add a bit of spice to your CV. It’ll also give you a great base for future job roles in any sector.

You also will be engaging with your local community (or people with similar hobbies/interests as you) on a daily basis, keeping you and the rest of the community informed about what’s going on around you. It’s not unknown for agents bag some free goodies/ a meal from up-and-coming independent restaurants and businesses!

If you’re not convinced by me, here’s what a couple of our wonderful agents said:

“I spend time curating and finding content on a daily basis relevant to that audience. I also search for people who are relevant to the topic to follow, and RT and reply to them too. It also helps to have an interest in the topic for example, I run fitness, which I’m very much into outside of the hub.

I now have a greater understanding into the use of social media and you get to engage with people from the industry you may have previously not had contact with. (And you get to have fun too!)

You get to know what works and what doesn’t at attracting followers and as well as finding out what people like to read. You learn what kinds of content makes people follow you and you learn in turn what accounts are useful to follow. Basically, where and how to get your information!

I feel I’ve had a better understanding of social media, especially tools such as Tweetdeck which I use to schedule some tweets through the day.” – HubFitness

“I love interacting with my local community via Twitter. Everyone is so friendly. I promote local offers, help find missing cats and have been invited to an ice cream tasting and to a tweet up which includes a 3 course meal! It’s great building up a rapport with your Twitter friends. It’s nice to recommend companies and services within our local community. Eg someone is looking for a plumber or a great takeaway.” – HubRichmond

Where do I sign up?!

To get involved with this opportunity and join our ever-growing team, email: info@redwigwam.com

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