3 Gaming Apps to Help You on Your Commute

There is nothing quite like the morning commute – waiting ages for a bus, getting squashed on a packed train, queuing ages to get your first coffee of the day. It is due to this, that gaming apps have become more and more popular. They allow your mind to be taken away from the chaos for a brief moment.

I love computer games. Ever since I played on my brother’s first Sega mega drive and suddenly realised what the hype was all about I was hooked. Columns was my favourite, until I got a little too obsessed one day and ended up playing it for hours. I made it to level 135, but then my eyes hurt and I died. Still, what an achievement!

There are loads of games to choose from out there, but not many that I would willingly keep on my phone for long. Most get boring quite quickly resulting in getting used less and less, and then you finally delete them.

The three games I have listed below are all keepers because the goals are easy to understand, the levels challenge you mentally and they are more interesting than some of the competitor games on the market. The first two are available on Android and IOS, with the third being only available on the Android.

Two Dots (4.2 on Play Store)


The premise of the game is quite simple: To make dots disappear, you need to join dots of the same colour together that are next to each other vertically or horizontally. However, the more levels you do, the harder the challenges become. I am currently on level 262 and it is very difficult. I have got to the point where completing a level takes ages! Sometimes you get through it down to complete chance, other times it’s down to sheer skill and planning your moves. I managed to get a few people hooked after I mentioned it to them and they now play more than me!

Alphabear (4.3 on Play Store)


When you create words with the tiled letters you are given, the letters you used disappear. Other letters appear next to where the old letters where and little bears fill in the empty gaps. Every time gaps appear, if there is a bear next to an empty space, it increases in size instead of another bear appearing. Your aim is to fill bears with as much of the space as possible, as the more space that is filled with bears, the more additional points you gain on top of the word score at the end. Better scores mean you go up levels and have the chance to add new bears to your team. This is a lighthearted game but it really tests your mind and spelling. Some great words can be had when you have lots of tiles available on the page. The only downside is you have to have your internet on when you play, which is annoying for commuting, especially when you don’t always have signal.

Aporkolapyse:  Pigs of Doom (4.6 on Play Store)


Aporkapyse is about a group of four pigs trying to stop the Aporkalypse with the aid of your help. All the pigs have different powers, and like the original Sonic games, you have to learn their skills over time. The levels start easily, but quickly get harder, and once you have all four pigs, you need to use each one for the most suitable tasks to complete each level. The thing I liked most about this game was it gave me the thrill I got playing on the old console games of my childhood, which I have rarely found on a phone game. The fact that is an extremely fun, pig related game also helps.

The best thing about all these games are they are suitable for kids and adults alike, so they are a great thing for anyone to have on their phone. For the long-journey commuters out there, they give you something to take your mind off the traffic, while testing out your mental skills and keeping you awake.

Your commute doesn’t have to be the worst part of your day, so find somewhere to sit or stand and get gaming!

Written by Nicola Smith

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